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Our mission, every day, is to deliver the highest level of service, reliability, and professionalism to a growing number of customers around the globe. We take pride in our expertise in transporting bulk cargoes such as minerals ores, coal, fertilizers, grains, clinker, etc. we are also proficient in carrying break bulk cargos, such as steel products & pipes, alumina products and bagged or unitized agricultural products. 

From sourcing the right vessel to on-site supervision at port of discharge, we offer a door to door hassle freeshipping experience.

Our flexible schedules make us the perfect partner for all your vessel chartering, part or full requirements. We strive to achieve our client goals by designing, building and operating efficient systems.

Risk Management : We use advanced risk management tools to offer fixed or floating pricing structures for medium- or long-term contracts. These structures protect our customers and us against market volatility while providing flexibility in managing the shipping schedule.

Our Expertise

We take pride in our expertise in transporting bulk cargoes such as minerals ores, coal, fertilizers, grain and clinker. We are also proficient in carrying break bulk cargoes, such as steel products, alumina and bagged or unitized agricultural products.

We involve various mechanisms to meet our client requirements by way of

  • Trip and Time charters
  • Voyage charters
  • Contract of Affreightments
  • Parceling multiple cargoes
  • Profit share pool charters
  • Door-to-door logistics

Best in Class Risk Management

Sea Schiffe uses unique skills and expertise to mitigate price-risk volatility for its partners, ship owners and cargo interests by way of fixed and floating contracts, Contracts of Affreightment (CoA), fixed, floating and customized contracts, including profit share for ship owners and fixed or index linked bunker price contracts. We use advanced FFA and physical hedge options to provide secured solutions to our clients.

P&I Club

The Charterers P&I Club (MECO) – The world’s first and the largest liability insurance provider exclusively for charterers secured by Munich Re. Sea Schiffe has a comprehensive cover for Charterers Liability (CLC) and Freight, Demurrage & Defense (FDD) insurance assuring complete peace of mind to our partners and their P&I clubs.

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